Reiki Guided Self-Healing

Deepen And Intensify Your Self-Healing.

Now you can carry out your Reiki Self-Healing sessions guided by a Reiki Master Teacher.

This truly inspirational recording makes self healing very easy for the beginner and adds a new dimension to self-healing for those who are already practicing.

The guided steps of the self-healing ceremony are set to beautiful relaxing and inspirational music. The guided steps allow you to give your full concentration to the Reiki and thus allows for a deeper self-healing.

The music and the steps of the guided self-healing have been composed and narrated by Dave Watson a reiki master teacher who has composed music to accompany many reiki ceromonies and is also the composer of the best selling Reiki CD "Reiki Reflections"

In this Guided Self-Healing David has included a chime in the music at 3 minute intervals and you will be gently guided to change to the next hand position as the chime sounds.

You will then be guided to intensify the reiki in each position to give a very deep and profound sense of relaxation and self-healing.

Self Healing Is One Of The Most Worthwhile Things You Can Ever Do.

This Guided Self Healing will help you to:

Guided Self-Healing Only $12.00.

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