Beyond The Power Of Reiki.......

“The Incredibly Powerful And Secret Path Which Led Dr. Usui To The Discovery Of Reiki Is Revealed
At Last !”

And What's More......

“This Path Will Give You At Least 10 Times More Personal Power Than Any Reiki Attunement……..It's Very Easy To Do….And Is A Fraction Of The Cost Of Any Genuine Reiki Attunement.”

This Means That True Natural Attunement To Your Own Very Powerful Spiritual And Healing Abilities Is Now 100% Available To You...... And It Is Also Very Easy To Achieve.

We all know that Dr. Usui was a very very powerful Reiki Master.

And now YOU can walk the same path which led him to that incredible personal power.

Did you know that.......

“Dr. Usui was never attuned to Reiki By Anyone……………………….Yet he had the power to heal and attune others......and he started one of the fastest growing spiritual movements of modern times.”

How come?.........Did he find this power by accident?..........Was it just good luck?.......Was he different to the rest of us?

No………Dr. Usui insisted that.......

We All Have That Same Greatness, Knowledge And Breathtaking Power Within Us………

You see........Dr. Usui walked a very simple spiritual path which led him to a true “Natural Attunement” to the incredable power of reiki and much more………

And now….at last……. that path to true Knowledge, Certainty and Greatness….which Usui researched, practiced, and walked……….is finally available in the West.

And it delivers breathtaking personal power, healing ability, spiritual awareness and true natural mastery.

And guess what?

Just like reiki, The path is very very simple…….very very easy to walk……..and very very powerful.

Which is exactly how Dr, Usui intended it to be.

Are You Saying That Dr. Usui Left Us Something Even More Powerful Than Reiki?

YES !!!!!

That’s exactly what I’m saying…….

But .....….the runaway success and power of reiki has distracted us from the much more powerful path which led to it.

This is the path that Dr.Usui walked…..and it led him to the discovery of reiki……..and it will lead you to discover the same incredible power, healing ability, personal spiritual freedom and true mastery… yourself.

But that’s not all……..

This path is also incredibly easy to walk…….and each step is a true joy and revelation which will leave you in no doubt about your true power and potential.

Wow…..That Sound Absolutely Incredible…..Tell Me More.


We already know that Dr. Usui led the life of a spiritual teacher.......long before his discovery of reiki.

He searched for a path to increased spiritual power and personal empowerment which others could easily walk….

He then walked this path himself…….and it led him to the discovery of reiki……..

He went on to encapsulate that path in a series of symbols so that it would always be there for others to walk too.

And now……..

The Full Power And Meaning Of The Reiki Symbols Has Been Revealed For The First Time In The West.

......and it was discovered that they contain much more then was ever suspected in Reiki.

You see…..Dr. Usui left us a mirror of the path which led him to the discovery of Reiki……………

He wanted others to follow in his own footsteps and discover this immense personal power for themselves and within themselves……

And by the way……………I must say........that personal power is far in excess of what is offered through the traditional reiki attunements.

The Symbols which Usui used to draw out his path……have been used mainly for healing in the west.

But that is only the tip of the iceburg………and a small fraction of their true potential…….

These “sacred” symbols actually represent the culmination of the life’s work of one of the most powerful and enlightened souls of recent times.

And now the true power and meaning of these symbols has been revealed and clarified……..

And they actually form a very simple and powerful path that you can easily follow to bring about your own "Natural Attunement" to all of your true spiritual power.

The same as Dr. Usui did.

Will This Path To Natural Attunement Actually Make Me A Reiki Master?

Yes….Of Course…….

But this is not a Reiki Master Course……..

Dr. Usui was not looking to become a reiki master when he walked this path.

He was looking way beyond that……..

He was searching for his own spiritual enlightenment and all of the immense power that that brings.

But at the end of his the end of this path....... he found that one of the things he could do was heal others and easily pass that ability on. Thus walking this path made him a reiki master too.

The point is.......

You can now walk that same path.......and find all of the incredible powers that Dr. Usui yourself.

The path that Dr. Usui spent his life researching and refining leads to……..personal certainty, personal empowerment, deep insight and knowledge, true spiritual awareness and everything that that brings with it…….including the ability to do reiki.

Why Has This Not Been Said Before? And Why Has This Path To Natural Attunement Remained A Secret For So Long?


Attempts to clarify and use Dr.Usui’s work have been made in the past.

But they only looked at his early work. And that early system of Usui-Do (the Usui way) was very complex. Because it was incomplete.

His work on this path was completed with the massive revelation that he had which led to his discovery of Reiki.

That revelation actually marked the completion of his earlier work…..

But Dr. Usui's revelation on the mountain has always been looked upon in the west, as only relevant to reiki.

But now for the first time, Dr.Usui's entire lifes work….the earlier work and the latter……have been looked at as a whole……..and not as two separate and unrelated things.

And what do you know…………

We find that Dr. Usui was very consistent throughout his life…….

We find the whole path was there all of the time, staring us in the face.

But we were only looking for reiki… reiki is all we could see.

Usui was not looking for Reiki…..he was looking far beyond that…..reiki is just one of the things he found on the way.

It really is astonishingly simple.......

But what Dr.Usui actually left us is one of the most....if not THE most....powerful system of personal empowerment that we have available to us today.

It is now the way that Dr. Usui intended it to be…….

A very simple yet very powerful path to personal empowerment that anyone can walk…..and gain all of the incredible benefits and spiritual abilities for themselves.

Okay……What Exactly Is Usui-Do?

I’m glad you asked me that….because now I want to tell you what this breathtaking and truly enlightening path is....and how easy it is for you to now walk in the footsteps of Dr.Usui.

Usui-Do is the only path to Natural Attunement to all of your innate and incredibly powerful spiritual abilites….which include:

Usui-Do is a very simple and very powerful path to personal empowerment, increased spiritual awareness and ability.

It was drawn out by Dr. Usui and represented in 4 symbols.
(Which have become known and used as the Reiki Symbols)

Each symbol actually represents a massive step towards personal mastery when used in Usui-Do

And when we look into the actual meaning of the symbols, the true meaning that Usui gave them......
(Which by the way….is quite different to the western reiki definitions)
.......We find an unmistakable path which builds one step upon the other to bring you to a level that Dr.Usui called……..Master.

Dr. Usui wanted others to find what he had found.......

He knew that others could walk the path to true mastery……..because he had…..and he spent his life perfecting this path for others to walk too.

He called this system Usui-Do or (translated) The Usui Way, and out of respect for the man's work we keep that same name today.

Usui-Do is the path to true spiritual mastery and Dr. Usui’s life is proof of that.

True mastery includes:

The simple steps of Usui-Do lead you to that and much more.

Here are some of the comments we have received from others who have walked the path of Usui-Do to true Natural Attunement.

This is excellent…….Just excellent.

I have been a Reiki master for almost 5 years and I have been practicing most of that time.

The Usui-Do course answered so many questions that I had about Reiki and now I finally, finally, finally get it.

Thank you.
Freddy Nelson. USA


I always thought there was more to reiki. And now I see.

Thank you for the course.

Mary Wykle. Singapore.


My clients have told me that they feel the reiki more deeply and since I have been doing Usui-Do my whole attitude towards life has changed for the better, I feel much lighter.

And this has led to life getting better. I don’t see an end to it.

I feel fantastic, and I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I feel that way because I know that I am fantastic, Ha Ha.

Much Love.
Darren Parnaby. UK

How Easy Is It To Walk The Path Of Usui-Do And Unlock This Fantastic Spiritual Ability For Myself?

I said earlier that:

And all of that is true...........Usui-Do is incredibly easy to follow.

CD image for illistration only.
Usui-Do Is exclusivly an MP3 Download.

The entire path of Usui-Do has been recorded in a series of truly inspired talks by Dave Watson, one of the first naturally attuned Usui-Do Masters, renound reiki composer, writer and artist ……………

These talks now form the backbone of today’s system of Usui-Do.

So all you have to do is listen to the talks and follow the simple steps.

Yes.... it really is that simple.

The first talk is an introduction which clearly explains the immense power delivered by usui-do.

Then a series of in-depth talks and descriptions which clearly lay out the actual meanings of the symbols……and how to easily use them to achieve your own “Natural Attunement” to all of the fantastic natural and innate abilities that you possess.

The course includes very simple exercises that you can do to quickly see and access the power which is represented by each of the symbols.

There is also a series of 3 very powerful and never released before guided meditations which will allow you to access the full power which awaits you on each step of this beautiful and powerful path to true personal empowerment.

And you can download all of these talks and mediations onto your computer now and start on your personal path to true mastery today.

Simply start listening...and you are on your way to increadible personal power, true spiritual awareness and natural attunement to the level of Usui-Do Master.

The Complete Usui-Do Audio Package Includes........

Talk One. Introduction to Usui-Do:
A 45 minute talk, explaining exactly what Usui-Do is, how easy it is to use and the incredible personal power and new abilities that it will open up for you.

Talk Two. Power:
In this talk David looks deep into the roots of the power symbol to help to see what Dr. Usui wanted to pass on to us when he drew the symbol and gave it its mantra. Where does true power come from? How do we access it? And what can we do with it?......These questions are answered in this talk.

Talk Three. Mental Emotional:
This is a truly magnificent and some have said “channelled” insight into the mental emotional symbol. It represents a milestone in the Usui-Do path and answers age old questions which have blocked true spiritual progress in the past.

Talk Four. Distance:
Some have said that this is the most powerful reiki symbol. And the step of Usui-do which is represented in this symbol would agree with that. The symbol represents infinite possibilities. And in this talk you will see how to access those possibilities in yourself.

Talk Five. Master:
The master is one who has arrived in Usui-Do. In western Reiki it represents a beginning of mastery. Who can call you a master? And what should a true master be able to do? These questions are answerd in this talk.

Guided Meditation One.
A simple but very very profound and deeply powerful guided meditation to accompany the power talk.

Guided Meditation Two.
Find true serenity and the true source of all of your personal power.

Guided Meditation Three.
At this point we are standing on the threshold, and this deeply moving and profound guided meditation will help you to let go of any remaining barriers that you might have to true mastery.

CD image for illistration only.
Usui-Do Is exclusivly an MP3 Download.

Usui-Do Audio Course.

The complete Usui-Do Path Of Natural Attunement To All Of Your Innate And Breathtakingly Powerful Spiritual Abilities.....

But That's Not All.....

As a special bonous we are very pleased to tell you that David has also agreed to include some of his unique reiki music and guided meditations FREE with the Usui-Do package.

Reiki Reflections :
Reiki Reflection is a best selling collection of true reiki music.
It is a truly inspired work. Each track embodies one of the Reiki Symbiols, so this music can be used for further personal meditation and contemplation, as a background for self healing or simply enjoyed in a moment of relaxation.

Guided Self Healing : This guided self healing is designed to allow you to open up the healing power that you have within youself. When we talk about self healing we are not only talking about making bad things better we are also talking about making good things even better too. Self healing is one of the most worthwhile things you can do. And this recording helps you to do just that.

Usui-Do gives you the complete path that Dr.Usui walked to the discovery of reiki and much more....

And because it is delivered to you in Audio a series of inspired talks and guided meditations.......

It is truly one of the simplist paths to follow too.

You simply listen to the talks and meditations on your computer, CD player, MP3 player or hi-fi and follow the instructions. And you will soon see your true power start to shine through in every aspect of your life.

That Sounds Fantastic And Very Easy To Do……….
But What If I Am Already A Reiki Master Or Reiki 1 Or Reiki 2?

No problem…….

You can never know too much. If you are already a reiki master and practicing reiki…..

Usui-Do will increase your ability to do that…..and also deliver a whole lot more to you.

There is no conflict between Usui-Do and Reiki…….One is the child of the other.

Usui-Do simply allows you to discover your true potential for yourself and in yourself……..instead of being “given” it as in many reiki attunements.

Usui-Do will only increase the power of reiki that you already have……..

You Mentioned Meditation Earlier…….I Have Never Been Able To Meditate. Will I Still Be Able To Walk This Path To Spiritual Power?

Many people have difficulty meditating……and that's why with the Usui-Do package you will receive three very simple and very powerful “Guided” meditations.

You simply play the recording and listen to what is being said………and once you have done that a couple of times you will see that these meditations are not about simply sitting in silence trying to concentrate on something…….

They are actually a very relaxing, beautiful, deeply effective and highly empowering way to start to access your true natural spiritual abilities. And you will be guided each step of the way.

What If I Get Stuck Or Feel That I’m Not Making Progress?

Help is never far awy.......

In the highly unlikely event that you feel that you are simply not getting it….or if you have any question….difficulties or concerns

You can email me here at and I will be more than happy to answer your questions and help you to get the very best from the course.

You can also access the help and frequently asked questions area, which is constantly updated to include all of the latest questions and answers.

Free and unlimited access to help is included with the course and I have included easy links to our email addresses and help site with the course.

But really.....

Usui-Do is a very simply path……that is how Dr.Usui designed it.

It is no good having something to offer people and making it difficult or impossible to do.

Dr. Usui thought of this………and made the path to personal spiritual ability and power very easy for all to walk.

Okay.......So Let's Say I'm Interested…….
How Much Is It Going To Cost Me?

Well………because I want as many people as possible to receive the incredible personal benefits of this truly life changing and spiritually empowering course. I have kept the price ridiculously low.

Many people pay at least Three Hundred Dollas for attunements to Reiki Master and see that as good value for money. And many people pay much more than that and also see it as good value.

But as I have said earlier….You are looking far beyond the incredable level of personal power and ability of a Reiki Master when you do usui-Do.

And believe it or not.............the actual cost of the whole Usui-Do course is far less the than cost of those reiki attunements.

But First of all I want to say something to you.......

My Pledge And Personal Promise To You.

I have done this course…………..

And I know what it has to offer……………..

But I also know that you have not done it yet………I know you like the sound of it…….but I know that you might also have some concerns too.

So here is my pledge and personal promise to you……..

When you buy and download Usui-Do today……if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with it……..

I will refund all of your money immediately.

And what’s more……

I will keep that offer open for two months…………….you will have two months to evaluate the course….listen to the talks, do the exercises and meditations……discuss it with friends…….ask questions……..and practice.

And if… any point during that two month period….you are not happy with the course……….I will refund all of your money.

And that is my pledge and personal promise to you.

Not only is the Usui-Do package the only route by Dr. Usui which leads to natural attunement to incredible personal power………

It is also fantastic value for money.

The entire package is usually available for only $137.00

That’s 8 truly inspired recordings, outlining the path to personal spiritual power as drawn by Dr. Usui......One of the most highly respected and popular spiritual teaches of modern times.....for only $137.00….it works out at less than $18.00 per recording.

But wait…………………

Before you click to download and start Usui-Do now at that increadible price.

For a very limited time we are able to reduce that price even further.

We have slashed the standard price by more than a third…..and can now offer you a massive $60.00 off that price.

Which means that only pay $77.00 for the whole course...... and you still receive all of the Free gifts and access to the online help too.

Wait A Moment.........How Can You Offer So Much For So Little?....... I've Seen Couses Offering Much Less Than Usui-Do But Costing Many Hundreds Of Dollas !!

That's right.....

But.........I see no point in having something as powerful as Usui-Do and making it unavailuable....through an outragious price tag......That's not what I want and it's certainly not what Dr. Usui wanted.

When you make your single payment of only $77.00 Today....You will receive the whole course...The free gifts and the online help and support too.

But as I say........the full course of Usui-Do will not be available at this sort of discounted price for long and will soon have to go back to the standard $137.00.

So take advantage of this offer today. And start to unleash your true natural spiritual abilities..............................

CD image for illistration only.
Usui-Do Is exclusivly an MP3 Download.

Walk The Same Path Which Led Dr. Usui To The Discovery Of Reiki.
- And -
Unleash Your True And Very Powerful Natural Spiritual And Healing Abilities.

Download Usui-Do Now For
Only $77.00 !

Easy and Secure Payment.

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And Remember........

My Personal Pledge to you. If you are not totaly satisfied with this course and the increadible personal power it delivers, I will refund all of the money you have paid today.


Thank You
Dave Watson